Primary Care Physicians Can Now Order COVID-19 Vaccines

May 18, 2021

As Illinois physicians are being encouraged to order COVID-19 vaccines and administer shots in their offices, ISMIE offers a wealth of information that may be helpful.
ISMIE has a collection of COVID-19 Risk Management Resources available to help policyholders navigate the variety of challenges presented to healthcare professionals during this pandemic.

Starting this week, Illinois physicians are able to order COVID-19 vaccines directly and have the vaccines delivered to their offices. Illinois’ Department of Public Health (IDPH) is shifting the COVID-19 vaccination program to “meet people where they are,” according to IDPH director Ngozi Ezike, MD. She notes that changes in the storage requirements have made it easier to manage the vaccines in primary care settings.

IDPH has issued the following resources through its State of Illinois Rapid Electronic Notification System (SIREN) to help healthcare professionals understand the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines:
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