Action Needed: Have you Registered Your Account?

November 24, 2020

Over the summer, ISMIE launched a new website with security measures which require confirmation of your website login account. All policyholders are encouraged to reset your password and add a verification phone number to your account at the earliest convenience if you haven’t already done so. Re-registering is quick and easy, and will ensure continued access to your policy documents, educational coursework and other features of the new

Many eligible policyholders will soon be taking risk management coursework to earn premium discounts, which must be completed by Dec. 31. Resetting your password and adding a verification phone number now will help avoid delays when you are ready to take a course or access other needed documentation and resources.

If you do not have an online account, you may request a registration here and clicking the “Register” button under the appropriate account type. The requested username should be at least five characters long and cannot be an email address.

Most account changes are handled in minutes. If the information ISMIE has on file for you isn’t up-to-date, getting a new user account could take up to a day to confirm your identity and process.

 If you have questions or need assistance, send an email to our web services team.

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