They're At It Again...Stop Cloning Around

April 2, 2019

Miracle Milly, less than 4 inches tall and crowned the smallest dog on Earth by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013, was headed for celebrity dog cloning history in 2017 when her owner decided to clone her famous tiny Chihuahua with the help of a South Korean cloning and research company.

The order was for 10 Milly clones, to be precise, one for the owner to keep and the rest for the purpose of researching Milly’s genes for the “advancement” of the company’s canine cloning technology.

However, according to a lawsuit filed by Milly’s owner earlier this month in a Florida federal court, someone at the lab hit the copy button a few too many times.

Forty extra times, as alleged.

According to the plaintiff – a Florida-based Chihuahua breeder – there are now 49 clones of Miracle Milly with DNA allegedly disseminated to third parties who have profited without the owner’s consent.
Wonder how big a pack of lawyers this legal litter is going to attract.
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