Update on the Attack Against Pennsylvania's 'Venue Shopping' Reforms

February 25, 2020

As we previously reported, Pennsylvania lawmakers were considering changes to important court rules put in place to limit "venue shopping" in medical liability cases. 

On February 3, Pennsylvania's Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (LBFC) released a report on possible outcomes if the state were to revert back to its former medical liability venue rule. 

Under the current venue rule, implemented as one part of the state's medical liability reforms in 2002-2003, a medical professional liability lawsuit may be brought against healthcare professionals or hospitals only/i> in the county where the injury happened. 

The proposed change would allow medical liability lawsuits to once again take place outside of the county in which the alleged injuries occurred. 

To produce the report, lawmakers studied the potential impact of the rule change, including how professional liability insurance rates and medical liability lawsuits would be affected. The report provided data only and made no recommendations. 

As a next step, a public hearing may be held in the Keystone State to discuss the findings.

ISMIE is currently reviewing LBFC's report. As Pennsylvania's venue rule hangs in the balance, stay tuned to ISMIE News for future updates.

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