Here’s a Whopper

January 22, 2019 

A man who alleged that he was promised free meals for life after getting stuck in a Portland, Ore. Burger King bathroom has filed suit to make sure he gets things his way.

In a state court lawsuit filed earlier this month, a Burger King customer alleged he was promised “a lifetime supply” of Burger King meals after becoming locked in the restaurant’s bathroom due to a broken door lock. The suit alleges that after the customer used the number on his sales receipt to call the restaurant for help, employees tried unsuccessfully to push open the door and then passed a plastic fly swatter underneath the door so the plaintiff could use it to jimmy the lock. No luck.

After more than an hour, a locksmith was called and the plaintiff was freed, but not before he allegedly hurt his hand and was forced to listen to employees and customers laughing at him through the door. The suit claims that Burger King gave him a bandage and ointment for his hand “and offered to settle in exchange for a lifetime supply of Burger King meals at no cost” – but later “reneged.”

So what’s this going to cost the King? In the suit, the 50-year-old plaintiff estimates that if he lives to be 72 years old and consumes one Burger King Whopper every week of his life it’ll cost him $9,026.16, “the lifetime value of meals that he was promised.”

Now that’s loyalty to the crown. 

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