They're At It Again...Spoiler Alert

June 11, 2019

Threats of legal action are being made against a leaker who recently “spoiled” an epic conclusion in this popular TV program.

The correct question here, by the way, is “What is Jeopardy?”

A 32-game winning streak by Jeopardy contestant James Holzhauer was broken recently, but not before he set multiple single-game records for winnings and wound up tantalizingly close to also becoming the winningest Jeopardy contestant ever. The news of his defeat was leaked early, however, and whoever posted the clip online may now face what a show producer called “very, very, very appropriate” action.

While licensing agreements with local affiliate stations rightly prohibit leaks like these, we’re not sure game shows have quite as much to lose from them as other forms of entertainment.

Still, if the leaker is found, they’ll likely be taking “legal representation” for a lot more than $1000, Alex.
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