Prior Authorization Reform Bill Introduced in Illinois General Assembly

February 23, 2021

The use of prior authorization has exploded in recent years as a cost-cutting measure by health plans – at the expense of patient care.
Legislation designed to address bureaucratic delays caused by prior authorization was introduced in Springfield earlier this month
This comprehensive bipartisan legislation, known as the Prior Authorization Reform Act, was introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives (House Bill 711) and the Illinois Senate (Senate Bill 177).
This legislation would establish deadlines for prior authorization decisions – 24 hours for urgent care services and 72 hours for nonurgent care – so patients would no longer have to worry about insurers’ decision-making delays causing further damage to their health.
The Act would also ensure that prior authorization requirements are based on medical evidence and that decisions are administered by qualified professionals.
The Your Care Can’t Wait Coalition, a group of healthcare and patient advocacy organizations, formed to support the Prior Authorization Reform Act. The message to Illinois patients is simple: Your care can’t wait!
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