Illinois General Assembly Update

As we go to press, the Illinois Senate continues to meet despite the General Assembly session deadline passing yesterday. In recent days there has been a flurry of actions occurring in Springfield.

Unfortunately, last Friday Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 72 into law. This is the legislation that imposes a 6% prejudgment interest penalty on medical liability claims. We are extremely disappointed that SB 72 was allowed into law and are exploring actions to mitigate this harmful measure.
However, there is some good news to report. Lawmakers passed several favorable items that will improve patient care. Notable highlights include passage of:
  • The Prior Authorization Reform Act (House Bill 711), an important new tool that will help improve delays for patient care.
  • Expanded insurer coverage for telehealth services (House Bill 3308).
  • New parity protections for mental health and addiction treatment (House Bill 2595).
  • A five-year extension of the Medical Practice Act (House Bill 806). This is the longest extension in 15 years and brings physicians in line with the renewal cycle of other professions.
Please email us for more information on these new laws.
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