Highlights of New Laws Related to Medicine - Effective January 1

December 24, 2019

View a roundup of all of Illinois’ new laws. Below are highlights for some of the notable health-related bills passed in 2019.

Medical Cannabis in Schools (SB 455/PA 101-0370): Requires all schools (public, charter, private) to allow a school nurse or administrator to administer medical cannabis to students who are registered, qualifying patients while on school premises, at a school-sponsored activity or before or after normal school activities. Authorizes all schools to allow self-administration of medical cannabis if it takes place under the direct supervision of a school nurse or administrator. 

On a related note, legislation (SB 2023/ PA 101-0363) making the state's medical cannabis program permanent also passed this year and took effect August 9, 2019 when signed by Governor Pritzker. 

Skin Cancer Screening (HB 3113/PA 101-0500): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to mandate coverage of one annual office visit for the purposes of a whole body examination for lesions suspicious for skin cancer. 

Personal Information Protection (SB 1624/PA 101-0343): Provides that data breaches affecting more than 500 Illinois residents as a result of a single breach must be reported in the most expedient time possible to the Attorney General, who will report all data breaches by February 1 of each year. 

Pharmacists Administer Injections (SB 1715/PA 101-0349): Provides that the "practice of pharmacy" includes the administration of injections of long-term antipsychotic medications pursuant to a valid prescription by a physician. 

Mammogram Dense Tissue (SB 1506/PA 101-0555): Mammography notice requires patient notification of a mammogram indicates the presence of dense breast tissue. 

Reporting of Child Abuse or Neglect in Hospitals (HB 831/PA 101-0043): Requires the Department of Children and Family Services to notify the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services of all reports involving children alleged to have been abused or neglected while hospitalized.

View a roundup of all of the new laws in Illinois or check out the Illinois State Medical Society’s 2019 Legislative Report for a deeper dive on health-related legislative activity championed by the society.

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