Location, Location, Location: Not Just in Real Estate, but Lawsuits Too?

Plaintiff’s attorneys have a time-honored tradition of going shopping – not just for the right expensive suits, but for the right venue in which to file expensive suits.

One of the realities of the civil justice system is that some jurisdictions have reputations for being more plaintiff-friendly than others, resulting in a higher percentage of wins for plaintiffs and larger awards as well. A new study, published in the Spring 2019 issue of  Philadelphia Medicine magazine, seeks to quantify the extent of these disparities using publicly available data. 

When Pennsylvania enacted a law limiting the venue of medical liability lawsuits to the county where the alleged incident occurred, the number of cases being filed dropped by more than 37% in one year. In that same year, the percentage of cases being filed in Philadelphia – considered a plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction – dropped from 44% to 34%.

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