Workplace Violence: Preparedness and Fallout - New ISMIE ‘Lesson from the Field’ Tells You What You Need to Know

August 6, 2019

Healthcare professionals are 20 percent more likely to experience instances of workplace violence than employees in other fields.

The newest installment of ISMIE’s “Lessons from the Field” series dives headfirst into what clinicians and staff need to do to be prepared in the event of such an incident, and the follow-up procedures if one should occur.

Remember, even a seemingly minor instance of workplace violence in your practice must be handled correctly, and often must be reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The latest lesson begins with a case study detailing an event of workplace violence in a medical practice, and its aftermath. The lesson also provides several helpful strategies to guide your practice, including:
  • How to develop a workplace violence preparedness plan in your practice;
  • How to best support clinicians and staff in the aftermath of such an event;
  • Statistics on workplace violence in healthcare settings; and
  • Resources where you can learn more.
“Lessons from the Field” is just one risk management resource available to all ISMIE policyholders nationwide. Review our risk management educational options and ways eligible policyholders can earn premium discounts through our Managing Risk Partnership Program. 
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