What’s New in Telemedicine? Check Out ISMIE’s Updated Resource

July 12, 2022

While telemedicine experienced a boom at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some states are now pulling back and it’s important for healthcare professionals and patients to be aware of these changes. While Illinois made permanent many of the emergency telemedicine rules that were authorized during COVID-19, it’s important to know what services are covered.
It’s particularly essential for healthcare professionals to ensure they’re familiar with the laws and regulations around telemedicine in order to avoid accidentally practicing without a license.
In this newly updated telemedicine resource, ISMIE provides the recent changes you need to know. While certain exceptions for licensure requirements were allowed during the first phase of the pandemic, some states have already rolled back those expansions.
Regardless of whether care is provided in person or via telemedicine, the same basic risk management considerations apply. The telemedicine resource also provides strategies to mitigate your risk!
If you have questions, please contact the Risk Management Division by email.
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