As Medical Liability Jury Awards Rise, What Should You Know?

July 9, 2019

In recent ISMIE News, we reported that multimillion-dollar jury verdicts are on the rise nationally and in Illinois. From our perspective, plaintiff’s attorneys have been very effective in convincing juries that society’s perspective of big paydays – from highly publicized jackpot winners to huge salaries for sports figures and celebrities – should extend to awards for their clients, with little or no regard for the medical facts of each case.

At ISMIE, we are constantly watching such court developments, keeping policyholders informed and offering resources that safeguard the practice of medicine against serious threats in the legal system.

As an ISMIE policyholder, how should you respond? Here’s some guidance:
  1. Take full advantage of our Managing Risk program. At ISMIE, our patient safety education program never stands still. We are constantly developing online instruction and live events that deal with emerging trends in patient communication and healthcare risk management. Start here. And each year, we update our risk assessment program to evaluate how well your practice or facility is addressing potential litigation landmines as they develop.
  2. Follow our publications and social media. ISMIE News is your main resource for risk management trends affecting your practice, but you’ll find breaking healthcare news and other critical information on your medical liability environment on our social media channels. Follow ISMIE on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.
  3. Get in touch. Our highly rated ISMIE claims department is available to answer policyholder questions about the current claims environment whether or not you’re facing a claim. Email or call us at 800-782-4767.
  4. You can count on us. Our pledge to policyholders is to present a strategic, vigorous defense for every claim. Our knowledgeable claims analysts and experienced defense attorneys possess a high level of skill and expertise defending medical liability claims. Our ISMIE team consistently achieves the best possible outcomes for policyholders.
Stay tuned for more information on these trends in future issues of ISMIE News.
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