Healthcare Workers Face Heightened Risk of Workplace Violence

June 11, 2024

Healthcare workers are at significantly higher risk of workplace violence as they experience more nonfatal injuries from assaults on the job than workers any other field, including law enforcement. A violent event can have consequences reaching far beyond the incident.

In the latest installment of ISMIE’s Lessons from the Field, real life examples of violent events that have occurred in healthcare facilities are presented, as well as guidance on ways to reduce or mitigate risks. To protect the well-being of patients and staff, it’s crucial for organizations to develop clear, thorough workplace violence prevention programs, provide training for employees, and regularly review and revise the plan as needed.

Lessons from the Field is just one of ISMIE’s many offerings designed to help you keep patients safe and mitigate your risk. Check out the other resources available in ISMIE’s Violence Prevention Toolkit.

For more information, please contact the Risk Management Division by email.

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