Get an Office Tune-Up to Help Mitigate Your Practice Risk

October 13, 2020

Does your practice need a refresher on how to avoid HIPAA violations? How about a review on how to improve processes to reduce litigation risk?

ISMIE has several practice resources on these topics, which can be accessed on our Risk Management Resource Library web page. Here are a few to assist you:

Dealing with a HIPAA violation can be a lengthy process that takes valuable time away from your practice. This ISMIE resource covers the risks that can accompany HIPAA breaches and discusses how to safeguard patients’ protected health information.

Peer review for medical groups
While peer review is put in place to improve patient safety and the overall quality of care, there are also risks associated with investigating and discussing events that could potentially be used in future litigation. As such, it is important to be proactive in ensuring that these discussions are not susceptible to discovery in the event of a lawsuit.

Process improvement
Process improvement is a practice’s system to monitor ongoing processes to ensure that it is efficient, effective and timely. Shortcomings in processes can expose a clinician to professional liability and underlie many of the complaints a physician or other clinician may face.

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