Mitigate Risk Concerning Patient Falls; Enhance Patient Safety

September 1, 2020

ISMIE Mutual is continually updating policyholder resources to ensure that you have access to the latest in risk management preparedness. We are pleased to announce the addition of two new resources on patient falls and root cause analysis. You can find these materials and tools in our risk management resource library.
Patient Falls
The risk of patient falls continues to be a major source of concern among health professionals. Determining the risk level requires the analysis of information from various sources, including the physical environment of the practice or facility, the patient’s medical history (as well as their current status and medications), and potential fall risks in their home setting. In addition, because falls can occur unexpectedly, assessing the risk of falls ahead of time and preemptively making adjustments to avoid them is a fundamental part of assuring safe care. Access the resource.
Root Cause Analysis
Root cause analysis is a systems-based approach to problem solving that can enhance patient safety, improve patient care and boost health professionals' career satisfaction. This type of analysis can help your team assess the many factors that contributed to a given event, allowing you to drill down to the root of the issue so it can be addressed in a lasting and effective manner. In addition to helping ward off adverse events, such as avoidable medical errors, unintended outcomes, and near-misses, root cause analysis can guide improvements to suboptimal and inefficient processes. ISMIE's new resource also includes a helpful case study. Access the resource.
If your practice is ever in need of a consult on a challenging risk management issue, know that ISMIE is by your side and help from our team is available! Contact our Risk Management team by email.
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