Get a “Digital Tune-Up” to Help Mitigate Your Practice Risk

September 29, 2020

Need a refresher on best practices for communicating electronically with your patients? How about learning the latest strategies for safeguarding your data from external threats?

ISMIE recently updated several practice resources for policyholders, which can be accessed on our Risk Library web page. Here are a few to assist you in the digital world:

Protecting your organization or practice from cyberattacks is essential to safeguarding sensitive health information and keeping your business running smoothly – and preserving your patients’ trust.

While some telehealth rules have flexed somewhat to better serve patients and healthcare professionals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most risk management considerations remain the same. This resource covers the basics – whether you’re considering the use of telemedicine for the first time or you have offered these services previously.

Social media
Social media use by physicians and healthcare professionals, if not considered carefully and guided by formal policies, carries the risk of unintended release of patient information and hefty HIPAA fines. Moreover, ill-thought-out social media activity can potentially anger your patients, negatively impact your reputation, and even lead to professional discipline.

Log on today for your risk reducing tune-ups! If you have any questions, please contact our Risk Management team by email.
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