You’re Taking Appropriate Steps Against Data Risk at Your Practice. But What About Your Vendors?

April 30, 2019 

A new study points out that third-party vendors working with healthcare provider organizations accounted for more than 20% of breaches in the healthcare sector last year.

The report from CynergisTek notes that without “accurate information system inventories, vendors do not have an organized approach to identifying where risk to their organization lies.”

As you consider ongoing data risk issues inside and outside your practice, keep in mind that ISMIE has recently enhanced its cyber liability protection in two new coverage areas at no extra cost:
  • eCrime: Financial loss resulting from fraudulent instruction, funds transfer fraud, or telephone fraud.
  • Criminal Reward: Reimbursement for payment that leads to the arrest and conviction of any individual(s) committing any illegal act related to the cyber liability coverages.
Higher limits coverage is also available. If you utilize a broker, consider contacting him or her for more information, or reach out to ISMIE’s underwriting team at 800-782-4767 or via  email.
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