Ransomware Attacks Ongoing Threat

June 22, 2021

ISMIE provides cyber liability coverage to protect you

A recent report from Moody’s Investor Service predicts that cyber risk will remain high for the healthcare sector because of the vast amount of sensitive patient data that is an attractive target for hackers. There have been multiple attacks against U.S. hospitals in the past few months, which has caused significant issues such as some surgeries being suspended, delays in medical care and millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

ISMIE Mutual has encouraged policyholders to follow cybersecurity best practices. Did you know that your policy includes solid cyber liability coverage to protect you in the event of a claim, with higher limit coverage available

We also offer a comprehensive resource on cybersecurity containing valuable information to help policyholders develop and implement policies and procedures to protect against attacks. Key strategies include making sure you have current encrypted backups of all critical data stored offline or in separated networks, and having a well-rehearsed crisis response plan in case your systems (including email and VoIP-based phone systems) are compromised.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the Risk Management team.
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