What Is Tail Coverage?

October 4, 2022

ISMIE offers coverage solutions for many situations that may arise during the course of a medical career. One such solution is tail coverage.

Tail coverage provides protection for medical liability claims that are reported after a physician’s policy has expired or was cancelled. There could be several reasons for a practice change that would create a need for tail coverage, including:
  • Retirement
  • Leaving a solo or group practice to become a hospital employee
  • Merging one medical practice with another

  • Permanently leaving the practice of medicine because of a disability or a career change
Tail coverage is a one-time purchase, which you must request in writing within thirty days of termination or non-renewal of your policy. ISMIE offers free retirement tail coverage to any physician who has been insured with ISMIE for 10 consecutive years, or is at least 55 years old and has been insured with ISMIE for a minimum of five consecutive years.
As always, ISMIE’s experienced Underwriting Division staff will work to personalize your coverage options to ensure you have the highest protection and support.
For more information, please email the Underwriting Division.
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