They're At It Again...Tale of Feuding Lawyers Hits the Stage

August 20, 2019

For years, residents of Buffalo, N.Y. were inundated with advertisements and commercials for the personal injury firm Cellino & Barnes. But a bitter dispute between the firm’s two namesakes over business matters has resulted in a lawsuit … and some unlikely artistic inspiration.

Local comedians Michael Breen and David Rafailedes have written an original play, “Cellino v. Barnes,” in which they portray the feuding lawyers in farcical fashion. After a successful preview, the play opened for an extended run this month.

While squabbling personal injury lawyers locked in a lawsuit may result in both box office and comedic gold, isn’t there a better way to settle a personal dispute than clogging up the courts with more lawsuits?

If Cellino & Barnes’ answer is “no,” perhaps it’s time for them toexit, stage left.
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