They're At It Again...Frivolous Lawsuits: No Picnic?

The city of Austin, Texas prides itself on its weirdness. But weird reasoning in frivolous lawsuits probably isn’t what the locals down on 6th Street have in mind.

Case in point: Picnik, a paleo restaurant that recently received $7.5 million in private equity funds, decided to use some of that cash to sue a Japanese restaurant called Bento Picnic for having a similar name. The two restaurants do share a few similar menu items, but as the judge in the case pointed out, “a consumer, health-conscious or otherwise, is not likely to confuse a Japanese-style bento-box restaurant with a place known for its butter coffee.”

Fortunately, the judge threw out the case, but the legal fees in the case are no picnic for the small storefront catering business.

Our take: The best way to “Keep Austin Weird” might be to make it one of the few places where businesses can grow without fear of senseless litigation.
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