Copyright Claims Are Spinning in Battle of Bike Makers

October 29, 2019

In case you aren’t familiar, Peloton is the latest fitness fad taking America by storm. Their core product is basically a fancy WiFi-enabled stationary bike with a built-in video screen. This allows its users to experience the encouragement and intensity of a group spin class without having to leave home.

Many home fitness aficionados are along for the ride. According to a recently filed IPO prospectus, Peloton raked in almost $1 billion last year. Inevitably, competitors are now seeking to put their own "spin" on this innovative and successful idea.   

So how do you ward off new competition with a relatively simple product? Copyright infringement lawsuits of course! 

Recently, Peloton filed a lawsuit claiming rival Echelon Fitness was attempting to get a free ride off of their innovations such as a red, white and black color scheme. Flywheel Sports faces similar Peloton complaints. 

And in a twist, Peloton faces its own copyright accusations. Anyone who has taken a spin class knows part of the experience involves a high-decibel soundtrack. Several music publishers want Peloton to pony up for providing the beats that keep people pedaling.

Exercising copyright rights can be costly, and will certainly keep lawyers spinning the paper for years to come!

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