Claims Philosophy Aggressive Defense

ISMIE brings a team-based approach to the defense of claims, drawing on the resources of our analysts, defense attorneys and the policyholder.

ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1976 to give physicians the freedom to practice medicine without the fear and constraints of medical liability litigation. Physicians entered the medical profession to provide the best patient care possible, not to concentrate on legal matters. ISMIE was founded on the belief that the best way to discourage unfounded liability claims is through vigorous and uncompromising defense. ISMIE will not settle a frivolous claim or lawsuit simply to avoid the costs of litigation. 

ISMIE Mutual has built a reputation as an innovator in professional liability coverage. Our unparalleled service philosophy underscores a team-based approach to the defense of claims, giving policyholders confidence and comfort with every step of the process. ISMIE Mutual's pledge to policyholders is to present a strategic, vigorous defense for every claim and lawsuit.

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