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Why Wait? Take ISMIE’s Courses to Mitigate Risk and Earn Discounts

Eligible policyholders can earn premium discounts by completing risk management coursework by Dec. 31, 2021. Why wait until the last minute?

July 1 Priority Deadline Approaching – Request Your Risk Assessment!

ISMIE is currently providing virtual assessments with the same attention to detail as onsite visits.

Interested in Offering the COVID-19 Vaccine to Patients?

As vaccine supplies increase, primary care physicians and medical offices can play a much larger role in COVID-19 vaccinations.

Increase in Domestic Violence Cases Tied to COVID-19 Pandemic

ISMIE's new risk management resource offers helpful guidance on how to proceed if you suspect a patient may be a victim of domestic violence.

ISMIE’s Course Highlights Patient-Centered Care for LGBTQ Patients

Gain a better understanding of the healthcare disparities that frequently affect LGTBQ patients and learn how to make your practice more inclusive.

Illinois General Assembly Update

As we go to press, the Illinois Senate continues to meet despite the General Assembly session deadline passing yesterday. In recent days there has been a flurry of actions occurring in Springfield.

ISMIE Risk Management Leader Talks Trends During COVID-19

In a new article, ISMIE Assistant Vice President of Risk Management Michael H. O’Neill, CPHRM, shares insights on the risk management trends that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Primary Care Physicians Can Now Order COVID-19 Vaccines

Starting this week, Illinois physicians are able to order COVID-19 vaccines directly and have the vaccines delivered to their offices.

Need a Certificate of Insurance? It’s Easy on!

If you're in need of a certificate of insurance for credentialing for your upcoming policy renewal -- ISMIE makes it easy!

Do You Know When to Contact ISMIE’s Claims Department?

Did you know that the most effective defense against a potential lawsuit begins long before a court date is set?

Jeez, Are You Really Suing Over Cheese?

That's not "real mozzarella cheese" the plaintiff accuses in the federal lawsuit, which is seeking class action status.

New from ISMIE: Identifying and Addressing Elder Abuse

The article offers strategies on your interactions with the patients and their caregivers and many additional resources.

ISMIE Offers Key Risk Management Considerations for COVID-19 Vaccines

As the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines continues, it's important for healthcare professionals to be aware of the evolving risk management considerations.

Cancer Screenings Skipped During Pandemic Leading to Later Stage Diagnoses

ISMIE has identified the top four risk factors for radiology and has tips on how to improve diagnostic accuracy and to mitigate risk.

Watch Out for Postcards Advertising Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

ISMIE offers courses that are designed to satisfy Illinois's CME mandates on sexual misconduct prevention.

Focus on Protecting Children in April

The month recognizes the importance of supporting families and communities to foster healthy child and youth development.

How to Talk with Patients About Advance Care Planning

National Healthcare Decision Day is Friday, April 16.

Top Risk Trends Identified in New ISMIE Report

The report is the result of an analysis of the key trends observed in risk assessments conducted by ISMIE in 2019.

Are Your Patients More Frightened of the Vaccine than COVID-19?

ISMIE has a new resource that can help you encourage your patients to roll up a sleeve.

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