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The Longer You Practice Medicine, the More Likely You May Be Sued

ISMIE offers a three-part series that covers what physicians face when they receive a notice of a medical professional liability lawsuit.

Flexible Payment Options Available! Pay Premiums Online!

ISMIE offers flexible payment options for your policy.

New ISMIE Risk Manager Q&A: What Is "Just Culture"?

The latest installment of ISMIE's risk manager Q&A

Radiologists Face Many Risks in Medicine

ISMIE's new resource focuses on radiology.

DEA Extends Telehealth Flexibility Pertaining to Controlled Substances

A pandemic-era policy that allows physicians to prescribe controlled substances in a telehealth visit has been extended to Nov. 11, 2023.

ISMIE’s Risk Management Team Shares Practice Successes and Challenges in New Summary!

What are some of the pressing issues facing our policyholders?

2023 is Licensure Renewal Year for Illinois Physicians

No fees! ISMIE has CME courses for you!

Uptick in Adverse Events Reported to The Joint Commission in 2022

New report finds a 19% increase during 2022 as compared to 2021 and pre-pandemic.

DEA’s Drug Take Back Day Is April 30

For safe disposal of controlled substances, let patients know about the DEA's next National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 22.

Download Your Loss History Report at

If you're in need of a loss history report from your medical liability carrier for credentialing or other reasons – ISMIE makes it easy!

Here’s What to Charge for Medical Records in 2023!

When a patient or their representative asks for medical records, does your office know how to respond?

How to Address Unprofessional Behavior in a Healthcare Setting

Lack of professional conduct can be a complex issue to address.

FBI Says Healthcare Sector Is Number 1 Target for Ransomware Attacks

ISMIE Mutual encourages policyholders to follow cybersecurity best practices.

ISMIE Offers Key Strategies to Reduce Risk for Radiologic Procedures

More detailed information on these risk mitigation strategies can be found in the radiology risk tips on ISMIE's website.

Unlucky? Or Does One Paid Claim Lead to More?

New study examines association of paid medical professional liability claims and future risk.

Frustrated by EMRs? Recognizing Your System Challenges May Lead to Solutions!

ISMIE's new Lessons from the Field discusses EMR usability.

Some Cancer Screenings Remain Lower Than Pre-Pandemic Levels!

Encourage your patients to keep up on their cancer screenings and reassure them that the healthcare environment is safe.  

Free 18-Month Program Aims to Improve Cancer Diagnostics Via Telemedicine

To learn more, register for one of AHRQ's informational webinars, available on numerous dates and times through May 2023.

ISMIE’s Patient Safety Center Is Here to Support You in Providing Quality Care

New one-stop resource to help reduce risk exposure and protect patient safety.

Doctors Report Being Less Happy Than Pre-Pandemic

It’s probably not a huge surprise that happiness at and away from work continues to decline for physicians as we enter the third year of the pandemic.

Medical Liability Lawsuits Skyrocket as Pennsylvania Reverses Course on Venue Shopping

The Pennsylvania high court changed a two-decades old rule that had required medical liability cases to be filed in the county where the alleged harm occurred.

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