Illinois Controlled Substance License Holders, You MUST Be Registered in the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program. IT’S THE LAW!

December 31 calendarAs of Jan. 1, 2018, all prescribers holding a controlled substance license in the state of Illinois were required to register with the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). 

Once registered, every prescriber is required to attempt to access this electronic database tracking patients’ prescription histories before they can write an initial prescription for a Schedule II narcotic, such as an opioid, though some exceptions apply. Pharmacists and law enforcement also have access to the PMP.

As of July 23, more than 32,000 physicians were registered in the database, compared to less than half that amount at the end of 2015. According to PMP data collected between 2015-17, opioid prescriptions in Cook County alone fell 31 percent.

Again, if you are licensed to prescribe controlled substances in Illinois but have not registered with the PMP, the time to do it is NOW. Start here. Also, remember Illinois requires you attempt to access the PMP for initial opioid prescriptions.