New ISMIE White Paper Reveals Top Risk Issues

cover of ISMIE's whitepaperWhen you spend as much time as we do evaluating risk management considerations at medical practices of all shapes and sizes, you’re bound to learn a few things, to say the least.

ISMIE is sharing some of those lessons in a new white paper, titled Managing Risk, Maximizing Safety. Analyzing data from nearly 3,500 voluntary risk assessments with policyholders in 10 states, we look at common risk issues found across all specialties, with deeper dives into several specialty areas that present unique challenges. For example, while documentation of communication with patients and caregivers is an issue across all specialties and practice settings, emergency physicians tend to experience breakdowns at the time of discharge. 

This white paper can give you a significant head start on reducing risk in your practice, but to learn more about how your unique circumstances affect your risk profile – and how you can better protect yourself against liability – there is no substitute for a risk assessment of your own. Our risk assessment process starts with the fundamentals of thorough documentation, sound communication, and effective tracking and follow-up systems, and progresses through a series of other key practice-specific principles drawn from ISMIE’s decades of experience and proprietary claims data.

For more information or to request a risk assessment, contact our risk management team by email or by phone at 800-782-4767 ext. 3300.