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  • January 8, 2019

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  • Start the New Year Right! Make Sure ALL Your ISMIE Policyholder Information Is Current So We Can Better Serve You in 2019

    ISMIE on the webWhether you’re a new ISMIE policyholder or have been with us a while, having your most current information in our database is essential to help us deliver fast, quality policyholder service.

    It only takes a few minutes to log into ISMIE.com to check:

    • All your key policyholder information
    • All contact information to assure you receive timely policyholder news and updates
    • Your coverage summary

    Start by logging in at ISMIE.com and go to your left-hand menu to check Policyholder Info and Account Administration (keep in mind it’s always good to change your password regularly).

    If you have any questions, contact us by email or at 800-782-4767. 

  • Register NOW for Jan. 22 ISMIE Risk Management Webinar on Maternal Care

    Pregnant patient speaking to a physicianOver the past year, there have been plenty of news reports about the United States’ globally high rate of maternal mortality. At noon CST Jan. 22, ISMIE is hosting its first lunchtime webinar of 2019, titled Levels of Maternal Care in the United States: What Does This Mean for You? 

    Recently, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have proposed a framework for levels of maternal care in response to the rising rates of maternal morbidity and mortality. This hour-long event will cover those details and more, including key components of a critical care obstetrics program.

    This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ and is free to ISMIE policyholders and staff.

    Register here

  • Are You Following ISMIE on Social Media? Here’s Where to Find Us

    physician on the phoneISMIE News is your main news summary on all aspects of your coverage and the latest practice news you should know.

    However, ISMIE is also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and if you haven’t followed us on social media, you should.

    Here’s why:

    • You’ll receive important health care news updates to better guide your practice.
    • You’ll get timely reminders on new ISMIE products, services and events.
    • You’ll be able to share our information with other colleagues interested in ISMIE’s diverse offerings.

    So take a minute to “like” or follow us today! 

  • Credentialing This Year? Download Your Loss History Report in a Snap at ISMIE.com!

    physician on the computerSpeedy credentialing usually requires a loss history report from your medical liability carrier – so ISMIE makes it even faster!

    Just log on to ISMIE.com, and click on the “loss history” menu item on the left side of your screen.

    There you’ll find up-to-date copies of your 10-year and all-year loss history letters ready to download and send.

    Just a few keystrokes and you’re done – no need for a phone call!  

  • Cases to Watch in 2019

    scale and gavelISMIE News keeps an eye on courtroom activities around the country that can affect medical practice. Here are ongoing legal actions worth watching in the coming year:

    Potential challenge to the Feres Doctrine: The U.S. Supreme Court has shown interest in a case that challenges a nearly 70-year-old ruling that bars active-duty military members from suing the federal government for injuries. The case, Daniel v. U.S., was filed by a former Coast Guard officer after his wife, an active-duty U.S. Navy nurse, died following childbirth. The Feres doctrine dates back to the 1940s – the widow of Lt. Rudolph Feres sued the government after her husband died in a barracks fire caused by a defective heating system.

    If you’re listed on public rating/review sites, take heed: A personal injury attorney has filed a petition for writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court to review a July 2018 California Supreme Court decision reversing an earlier decision and allowing user review site Yelp to continue posting a negative review of her firm. The attorney had sued Yelp for defamation when the site refused to take down a negative client review of her firm’s work. As many health care professionals consider the marketing potential of such popular consumer ratings sites, keep in mind that what goes up may not come down.

    Expert medical witness testimony under the microscope:Last fall, the Texas Supreme Court heard arguments to reinstate a $2 million medical liability award in a case that could redefine how expert witnesses support their opinions in court. This new stage in the case, involving a physician accused of failing to diagnose and properly treat a man’s brain condition, focuses on the “conclusory-opinion standard,” which is seen as a more subjective approach to expert witness testimony. 

  • They're At It Again...Deposition Dance Party

    cartoon animals at courtYou do not cut in on Carlton.

    Seems there’s a whole lot shakin’ in courtrooms these days thanks to a bunch of digital doppelgangers mimicking the moves of some famous live counterparts.

    Take Alfonso Ribeiro, host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

    Not ringing a bell? Try this guy.

    Also known for his role as Carlton Banks on the TV show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” nearly 30 years ago, Ribeiro performed what’s now known as the “Carlton Dance” - an irony-rich boogie known to rerun addicts everywhere. And, if Ribeiro’s lawyers prevail, also known to the makers of Fortnite, currently the biggest video game in the world.

    Last month, Ribeiro filed a federal lawsuit against Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, to bar the company from using, selling or displaying the dance. According to the suit, “The Dance” is now “inextricably linked to Ribeiro and has continued to be part of his celebrity persona,” and the actor now wants injunctive relief – and unspecified damages.

    But Fortnite apparently isn’t done stepping on toes. The rapper 2 Milly claims Fortnite has also stolen his “2 Milly” dance and Instagram star Backpack Kid – who launched “The Floss” – got his mom to sue Epic on his behalf (he’s a minor).

    So, are these plaintiffs going to waltz into a big legal victory? Questionable, if you look at the history of dance and copyright law here and abroad.

    The beat goes on.