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Helping You Stay Independent

ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company (ISMIE) has been selected as the endorsed medical professional liability insurance carrier for the Association of Independent Doctors (AID), and now offers a new affinity program to AID members through HUB International*.

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*This program is established by AID in conjunction with its ISMIE-Endorsed Broker, HUB International.

Supporting Physician Independence
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ISMIE has proudly delivered protection, quality, service and value to healthcare professionals for more than 40 years. Its vast array of offerings includes industry-leading risk management programs, customized coverage options, and physician-led claims management. ISMIE is excited to offer this top-quality coverage with an exceptional package of discounts exclusively for AID members.

Discounts Available Include:

  • 10% AID discount applied to ISMIE clients 1
  • Loss-free discounts of up to 19.5% 2
  • Risk Management discounts of up to 15%, subject to course participation 3,4 
  • Rating discounts for individual physicians 4
  • Rating and loss experience discounts for clinic physicians from economically integrated practices 4
  • Additional loss-free discounts may be available based on number of years with no claims payouts

1 Net of any applicable discounts
2 Based on number of years with no indemnity paid
3 Limited to ISMIE Mutual insureds
4 Must meet underwriting guidelines

Popular CME Opportunities:

  • Data Breaches: Causes and Evolving Risks>
  • Genomic Medicine: Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Risks
  • Opioid Prescribing in the Office: What You Should Know
  • Physician Burnout and Impairment: How an Unhealthy Doc Can Affect a Healthy Practice
  • Sexual Misconduct in the Medical Setting

Policyholders in ISMIE's Risk Management program are 37% less likely to experience a claim resulting in a payment, and 21% less likely to experience a claim overall, than non-participants.

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