Well-Being of Physicians Stressed by Ongoing Pandemic

August 17, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, healthcare professionals continue to experience significant stress. A recent survey of physicians’ well-being found that the overwhelming majority of doctors continue to be negatively impacted by emotional and financial burdens that have only been intensified by the relentless coronavirus.
We know it’s a tough environment out there for healthcare professionals. You are dealing with the Delta variant, encouraging people to get vaccinated and addressing the debates over masks. Dr. Bryan Sexton’s webinar, Bite-Sized Coping Strategies During Times of Uncertainty, is worth watching or revisiting to help you manage your stress. Dr. Sexton offers tools and strategies that are simple, effective and evidence-based.
Managing stress is particularly important during this ongoing crisis. So, don’t wait – access the webinar today!
If you have questions, please contact our Risk Management team.
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