Enhanced Risk Assessments Available Now for Eligible Policyholders

February 16, 2022

New for 2022! ISMIE is offering enhanced risk assessments that evaluate key risk management and patient safety areas.
The ISMIE risk assessment has been updated to better reflect ISMIE’s claims experience and research, as well as industry trends. Eligible policyholders of all practice sizes may undergo a risk assessment and receive personalized feedback and recommendations to help mitigate risk. 
The assessment will include discussions of how key processes and systems in your practice or facility function on a day-to-day basis, as seen through the lens of documentation. After the risk assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report, including personalized feedback and recommendations on addressing any potential risk management issues.
For more information about ISMIE’s risk assessments, please review our FAQs.
July 1 is the priority deadline for requesting an assessment.
Don’t delay! Get your practice assessment scheduled today by contacting us.
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