Latest ISMIE Risk Manager Q&A: No “Gotcha Moments” in Risk Assessments!

May 7, 2024

The latest installment of ISMIE's Risk Manager Q&A series provides insights into the top topics that may arise during a risk assessment.

Amy Jones, R.N., M.S.N., C.P.P.S., Risk Management Specialist in ISMIE's Risk Management division states that during risk assessments she always tries to touch on burnout and ask policyholders when they last took time away from work for themselves. She also inquires about whether policyholders have a plan in place should there ever be a serious incident with a disruptive patient that may put them, their staff or others in harm's way.

Ms. Jones explains that her main objective during these collaborative assessments is to help policyholders mitigate risk and keep patients safe, and that there are no “gotcha moments.”

Her number one piece of guidance for policyholders at all stages of their careers is to really listen to patients and to set aside adequate time to genuinely connect with them. She says that investment at the outset has the potential to save time in the long run by understanding the breadth of the patient's health concerns.

Read more about Ms. Jones’ approach to ISMIE risk assessments and her unexpected path to becoming a patient safety advocate in this new Risk Manager Q&A.

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