Chest Imaging Abnormalities Seen in Some Patients with Long COVID-19

September 14, 2021

New study findings highlight for the value of comprehensive medical history documentation

More than half of the study patients previously hospitalized with acute COVID-19 infections show abnormalities in their chest X-rays, according to a review article published in the journal Radiology. According to the study, these COVID-19 long-haulers can have persistent symptoms and computed tomography (CT) abnormalities of variable severity.
Since the long-term outcomes of post-COVID-19 CT changes and the impact on a patient’s pulmonary function are unknown, it’s important for physicians to thoroughly document the individual’s medical history when caring for these patients. Properly documenting a patient’s history, including any past history of COVID-19, can aid in monitoring and recommending a treatment plan going forward.
ISMIE’s resource on documentation, which outlines important steps to take and ways to mitigate risk exposure, may be a helpful starting point in considering how to best care for patients whose imaging reveals abnormalities.
Please contact the ISMIE Risk Management team with any questions.
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