Feeling Burned Out? You’re Not Alone! ISMIE Can Help

September 14, 2021

A recent survey in Medical Economics reports that four out of five physicians say they’re feeling burned out. In general, practicing medicine is often stressful. But after more than a year of the pandemic on top of the normal stressors of the job, it’s not surprising that the overwhelming majority of physicians are feeling emotionally exhausted.
Burnout is caused by a variety of factors, including systemic issues in the workplace, long hours and circumstances beyond an individual’s control, such as dealing with paperwork and regulations. On top of all that, physicians are once again faced with an increase of new COVID-19 patients.
So, what should you do? Start by reading this article on burnout from ISMIE’s “Lessons from the Field” series. This installment includes helpful tips on how to fight burnout for yourself and your colleagues, and links to critical resources for those in need of assistance. Then, visit ISMIE’s Wellness Center to find additional resources centered on burnout.
Start today and equip yourself with the right tools to take control of your well-being!
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