Stop the Presses! Honest Introspection from Personal Injury Lawyers?

September 26, 2023

A national plaintiff’s firm is in the news for their “honest” billboard ads.
They are pretty standard ads touting personal injury representation, with one small wrinkle.
Normally graffiti artists will view a new billboard as a blank canvas. That’s not the case for these ads. The street taggers don’t stand a chance because the billboards created with personal injury ads arrive on the board already spray-painted with snarky messages making fun of lawyers. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the law firms are vandalizing their own ads!
One ad is marked with an ambulance and tagline “Chase The People,” in case those who pass by don’t get the reference to ambulance chasers.
Another “defaced” billboard replaces “For The People” with “Fool the People.”
The law firm is reportedly taking heat from other firms over the likely reputational harm for personal injury attorneys.  Reputational harm? C’mon, it’s personal injury lawyers.
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