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Protection Every Step of the Way

The real test of a medical professional liability insurer is how it services policyholders when they or their practice faces a lawsuit.

ISMIE recognizes – and values – the longstanding approach that SEMPIC and Tenet have employed to help protect their policyholder physicians and healthcare professionals. That’s why when it comes to litigation, ISMIE will partner with Tenet in a joint defense program and use current defense counsel to ensure continuity of the defense strategies.

As a physician-led and owned insurer, we know it can be difficult and frustrating to think about claims coverage. You want favorable trial results. At ISMIE, our industry-leading approach to claims services will address your concerns and help you navigate the process, and SEMPIC policyholders can feel at ease knowing they have the experience, financial integrity and commitment of an insurer with more than 45 years of experience protecting their interests.

ISMIE Claims Administrator Terese Souders serves as SEMPIC’s dedicated claims specialist, and she and her claims team are available to answer claims-related concerns or questions about how ISMIE will handle your claim. Her team has decades of experience in navigating insureds through the litigation process, and are here to help address any question or concern SEMPIC policyholders may have.

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