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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the medical malpractice coverage I receive from SEMPIC changing?

Who do I contact if I have a question about my SEMPIC policy?

Any policy-related concern or coverage-related questions that you may have can be addressed by program administrator Marsh. You can contact SEMPIC Physician Program Manager Joni Kaiser for questions regarding your SEMPIC policy. If you have general questions, or would like more information about SEMPIC, please send an email to SEMPICinfo@ismie.com.

How can I access risk management education through SEMPIC?

ISMIE has long provided industry-leading risk management services and support to its policyholders – services and programs all SEMPIC policyholders have access to. This includes online coursework, just-in-time resources, live programming, and more. Current policyholders can login to their online risk management account via the blue “Login” button at the top of the SEMPIC website home page. Don’t have an online account in place? You can click on the green “Registration Request” button at the top of the SEMPIC website for instructions on how to set up your SEMPIC online account. Policyholders also may contact Lauren Williams, ISMIE’s Assistant Vice President of Risk Management Education & Administration, to learn more about the various risk management programs and opportunities available.

Do I have access to physician wellness/support resources?

All SEMPIC policyholders have access to ISMIE's Wellness Center and, through it, a wide range of resources on physician burnout and physician wellness. You can explore our Wellness Center, which has been designed to support policyholders who may be struggling with professional demands, burnout, litigation stress, substance use disorder and more by clicking here.

Who do I contact in the event of a claim?

Should the need arise for you to speak with SEMPIC regarding a claim, ISMIE Claims Administrator Terese Souders will be your point of contact. Terese has more than 25 years of claims and litigation experience; she and ISMIE’s experienced and deeply knowledgeable claims team will work with you respectfully and responsively.

Will my attorney change in the event of a claim?

With regards to litigation, ISMIE will partner with Tenet, when appropriate, in a joint defense program, using current defense attorneys to ensure continuity of the defense strategies. Our number one priority when it comes to claims support is to advocate for our policyholders. ISMIE Claims Administrator Terese Souders – a dedicated claims specialist with more than a quarter century of litigation and claims experience – is available to answer any claims-related concerns or questions. She and her claims team have decades of experience in navigating insureds through the litigation process, and are ready to assist should you need it. Please contact Terese with any questions regarding claims or claims support.

Where do I send my coverage verification and loss history requests?

SEMPIC policyholders requesting a loss history report or submitting their coverage verification can send those requests to SEMPICLossHistoryRequest@ismie.com. If you have general questions about your SEMPIC policy or coverage, please contact SEMPIC Physician Program Manager Joni Kaiser and she will assist you accordingly.

Do I need to create an online account? How does this impact my ability to access policy information?

As a SEMPIC policyholder, having an online account will allow you to access risk management programming. You will always have access to your policy info, and can update information or make changes, by contacting contact SEMPIC Physician Program Manager Joni Kaiser. To create an online account, please click here to learn more.

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