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Administrative leaders seeking medical liability and facility coverage.

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Specialized medical facilities designed to deliver high-quality patient care are one of the fastest-growing healthcare segments. The continued cost streamlining pressures in the healthcare industry have given rise to specialized facilities devoted to out-patient care procedures. These entities, their management teams and investors seek to operate independently from more extensive, inclusive hospital networks providing cost-efficient tests and treatments for patients.

ISMIE has partnered with countless facilities leaders in being a strategic partner in their staff medical professional liability risk mitigation. Our Underwriting, Claims and Risk Management expertise has sustained us as a top insured for decades.

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ISMIE's medical liability coverage has evolved to protect against a wide variety of emerging risks. Our medical facilities product offers a number of unique coverage features.

Benefits to an ISMIE facility policy:

  • Broad definition of claim and incident trigger
  • Defense outside the limits of coverage as part of the policy form
  • Vicarious liability coverage

Claims Expertise Backed Up by Results:

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Seasoned claims leadership.

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Visionary insurance and healthcare insight.

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Most prolific attorney panels in the U.S. for defending medical liability claims. Policyholders may select their attorney of choice from the panel.

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A few of the specialized healthcare center segments ISMIE insures:

  • Imaging and Radiology Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Orthopedic and other rehabilitation centers

Have a question about our coverages? Start a dialogue by emailing us at or by completing the form below should you wish to inquire about our Claims services, Risk Management, and Patient Safety programs.

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