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Nuclear Verdicts Trend Persists in 2022

ISMIE will continue to monitor this trend and its impact on medical liability.

Emergency Preparedness: An Ounce of Prevention for Your Practice

Recent events have highlighted the importance of planning for unexpected emergencies.

Pride Month Spotlight: ISMIE Courses Highlight Patient-Centered Care for LGBTQ+ Patients

Gain a better understanding of the healthcare disparities that frequently affect LGTBQ patients.

Modifications Made to California’s MICRA Law

Golden State's medical liability non-economic damages cap to increase for first time after nearly five decades.

Do You Know When to Contact ISMIE’s Claims Division?

Did you know that the most effective defense against a potential lawsuit begins long before a court date is set?

COVID-19 Treatment Options for Home, Outpatient Settings

Several medications are available for treating patients with COVID-19 at home or in an outpatient setting.

Help Your Globe-Trotting Patients Navigate Their Health

Wish your patients a healthy Bon Voyage!

Do Your Patients Know How to Get Free At-Home COVID Tests?

Are patients asking you how to get a free at-home COVID test?

New ISMIE Resource Offers Ways to Limit Cancer Care Risks

Access ISMIE’s new cancer care resource!

Do You Treat Kids? ISMIE Offers a Resource to Refresh Your Knowledge on Recognizing Victims of Abuse

The resource can be downloaded for printing and sharing with your staff.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

It's a good time to check on your overall wellness journey, too!

DEA’s Drug Take Back Day Is April 30

Continuing the fight against the opioid epidemic!

Your Medicare Patients Can Now Access FREE Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Test Kits!

The test kits are available through eligible pharmacies and other participating entities for the duration of the public health emergency.

New Tool Available to Help Retain and Attract Healthcare Workers

New federal legislation makes it more affordable for you to offer a new benefit to entice recruits.

Alerts Issued for Potential Cyberattacks Against U.S. Businesses

ISMIE provides cyber liability coverage to protect you.

ISMIE’s Resource Outlines the Risks Associated with HIPAA Violations

Every medical practice must meet the challenges of keeping up with HIPAA regulations to safeguard sensitive personal and health information.

A Friendly Tip: Pay Your Premium Online!

ISMIE offers flexible payment options for your policy.

Focusing on Positive Patient Experiences

ISMIE's resources provide steps you can take to improve the overall patient experience.

Are You Ready if Disaster Strikes? Safety Tips for Your Practice Documents

Whether a major or minor incident, it is imperative to always have a disaster preparedness plan in place.

New ISMIE Resource: Keeping Patients Safe in Surgical Settings

The unique risks associated with surgical care require keeping patient safety top-of-mind.

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