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Maternal and Infant Deaths Trending in Wrong Direction

ISMIE resource provides strategies to promote patient safety and reduce OB-GYN risk.

New Federal Proposed Rule Places Healthcare Professionals at Risk for Lawsuits!

ISMIE is your advocate in the courts as well as in the realms of regulation and lawmaking.

Workplace Interruptions Place Patient Safety at Risk

Patient safety is at the heart of ISMIE’s Risk Management education program.

Medical Liability Lawsuits Hold Steady, but Verdict Awards are Climbing

The number of lawsuits is about the same as previous years after a dip at the start of the pandemic.

Caps Raised on Military Medical Liability Claims

The troops, veterans or their authorized representatives can now receive up to $750,000 in damages.

Illinois Healthcare Facilities Get Court Wins in COVID-19 Cases

ISMIE will continue to monitor court activity of COVID-19 related cases in Illinois.

Mitigating Risk When Working with Allied Health Professional Colleagues

ISMIE recognizes that allied health professionals (AHPs) are a crucial part of the medical team.

Telemedicine Flexibilities Pertaining to Controlled Substances Extended Again!

Now the DEA and the Department of Health and Human Services have initiated a Second Temporary Rule to extend the expiration date to Dec. 31, 2024.

Mental Health Services for Pediatric Patients Increased Significantly During Pandemic

These increasing rates are happening at the same time as the shortage of mental health professionals who can treat these individuals escalates.

Don’t Delay! Complete Your Coursework to Earn Your Premium Discount!

The deadline for eligible policyholders to earn premium discounts through risk management coursework is Dec. 31, 2023*.

Stop the Presses! Honest Introspection from Personal Injury Lawyers?

A national plaintiff's firm is in the news for their "honest" billboard ads.

Flexible Payment Options Available! Pay Premiums Online!

ISMIE offers flexible payment options for your policy.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Your State? If So, Here’s How You Can Mitigate Your Risk

ISMIE's resource on medical cannabis offers strategies for mitigating risk.

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