Claims Monitoring Surveys

Our goal is to continuously improve service to our policyholders. Toward this effort, we have developed a "watchful eye" through claims monitoring surveys. You will receive four claim monitoring surveys throughout the term of your claim. 

The first survey is sent after your claim is 60 days old. This survey helps us to ensure that you are getting prompt attention and satisfactory service from the Claims Division and your defense attorney.

The second survey is sent after your claim has been internally reviewed. Your ISMIE policy mandates that no claim can be settled without the written consent of the insured physician. This second survey gives us a "report card" of your level of satisfaction during the middle of your claim along with information on how we can better serve you during this difficult time.

The third survey is sent to the policyholder following the closing of the claim. You can now give us a "final grade" of our performance and level of service. Questions like: "Would you like the same claim representative if you had another claim?" and "To what level of satisfaction were you kept informed about your claim?" are critical to our dedication to improve our service to our policyholders.

The final survey is sent one year after your claim has closed. This additional survey gives us information on your satisfaction with the overall service you received from ISMIE Mutual after you have had time to reflect on the litigation process.

Most Recent Survey Results

The results of ISMIE's Claims Monitoring Surveys, which are used to track policyholder satisfaction throughout the claims process, effectively demonstrate the success of our service approach.

Based upon the most recent results of our ongoing claims monitoring surveys – provided to policyholders four different times during the pendency of their claim – we're doing a pretty great job. Out of a possible high score of 10, ISMIE policyholders rated our overall claims services satisfaction at 9.6.

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