Clinic Coverage

Professional liability insurance coverage for physician groups.

Flexible Coverage is offered under one policy form and includes protection for all insureds on a separate or shared limit of liability. Entity coverage is offered on a separate or shared limit basis.

Shared limit entity coverage reduces cost and allows your corporate entity to share in one limit of liability with one ISMIE insured employed physician when both of you are named as co-defendants in the same claim.

ISMIE provides a very detailed overview of this coverage option when shared limits are desired.

Excess and higher limits are available and may be obtained for an additional premium.

Complimentary access to:

  • Personalized risk assessments
  • Consultations with specialists
  • More than 100 online CME courses to enhance patient safety

Real results that affect your bottom line. Policyholders who participate are:

Significantly less likely to experience a claim that results in a payment.
Less likely to experience a claim overall, compared with policyholders who do not participate.

Premium Payment Plan

  • Premium may be paid in four quarterly installments without interest.
  • Premium financing is available at a competitive interest rate.
  • Online premium payment is available.
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