Board of Directors

Active physician management is present throughout ISMIE Mutual. ISMIE is guided by its Board of Directors, comprised of physician policyholders.

ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company

Board of Directors, 2023-2024

  • Paul H. DeHaan, MD - Chairman
  • Peter E. Eupierre, MD - Vice Chairman
  • Richard A. Geline, MD - Secretary-Treasurer
  • Richard C. Anderson, MD
  • Craig A. Backs, MD
  • Christine P. Bishof, MD
  • Peter A. Brusca, MD
  • Scott A. Cooper, MD
  • John J. DeGuide, MD
  • Richard M. Farrell, MD
  • Adrienne L. Fregia, MD
  • William J. Holt, MD
  • Tim C. Kisabeth, MD
  • William E. Kobler, MD
  • James L. Milam, MD
  • Robert J. Oliver, MD
  • Sandra F. Olson, MD
  • Wayne V. Polek, MD
  • P. Sandy Sundram, MD
  • Merita R.C. Tan, MD
  • Cheryl D. Wolfe, MD

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