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ISMIE has provided its benchmark Physician Professional Liability Insurance for more than 30 years. It provides thorough, solid protection in the event of a medical liability claim or suit. In addition, our Physician Professional Liability coverage can be expanded to care for the rest of your practice, regardless of your practice style.

Our Professional Liability Insurance Coverage is available to qualified physicians licensed to practice medicine. Our policies are written for individuals, corporations/partnerships, physician groups or other legal entities.

In addition, ISMIE offers "loss-free" discounts, ranging from 3 percent to 19.5 percent, to individual physicians and premium credits to physician groups with good loss ratios.

View ISMIE's policy features and custom coverage options.

Partnership/Corporation Professional Liability

In today's environment, many physicians organize their practice as a group, i.e., corporation, partnership or other legal entity. A separate policy is required if insurance protection against claims is desired for the entity.

This type of coverage is offered through ISMIE's Partnership/Corporation Professional Liability Insurance. Groups of two or more may qualify for substantial discounts with the Clinic Option. If you are the sole shareholder of your own medical corporation, coverage for the corporate entity or a "doing business as" ('DBA') name can be provided under your individual professional liability policy at no additional charge. However, to obtain coverage, you must report the entity or 'DBA' ;to ISMIE Mutual and the entity or 'DBA' must be added by endorsement to your policy. You and your corporation or 'DBA' share the policy limits of liability. You may, however, purchase a separate corporation policy for your sole shareholder entity if you wish to carry separate limits of liability.

Clinic Option Professional Liability

An alternative for corporations, partnerships or other legal entities is ISMIE's Clinic Option Professional Liability Insurance. This coverage provides our classic physician professional liability protection while offering significant cost-saving opportunities to groups of two or more physicians. The Clinic Option covers each physician as an additional named insured on a single policy form, eliminating the need for multiple bills and statements.

If you qualify for the Clinic Option, depending on its size and historical loss experience, the premium savings may be as much as 35 percent. This is in addition to the individual physician loss-free credits. Also, a risk manager is available to assist Clinic Option accounts to identify every potential opportunity to reduce risk and save money.

Note: Availability of coverages and program features are subject to state insurance statutes in your particular state(s) of practice.

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