Risk Managers

Risk managers focused on protecting their practices and medical team.

We understand risk managers are focused on protecting their practices and are dedicated to being your partner in reducing patient safety risks and exposures. From online education to on-site risk assessments, ISMIE offers comprehensive risk management programs to reduce risk, improve patient care, and work for better outcomes.

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With ISMIE as your risk management partner in your practice:

  • Improve the safety and quality of care with access to more than 100 CME courses.
  • Reduce practice-related professional liability exposures with our webinars and seminars.
  • Optimize defensibility by utilizing our onsite risk assessments.
  • Save up to 15% on insurance premiums.
  • Find answers to medical legal questions in our online resource library.
  • Consult with our risk management specialists when you need it most.

Through advanced statistical analysis, ISMIE has found that participation in its Risk Rewards program correlates with lower claims frequency and lower loss costs.

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92% of insureds participate in Risk Management's Curriculum
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32% reduction in dollars paid
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Timely risk management is key:

Policyholders who do not participate in our risk management are twice as likely to be sued in the 3 years following an initial claim than those who fully participate.

Complimentary access to:

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Personalized Risk Assessments

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Consultations with Specialists

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More than 100 Online CME Courses to Enhance Patient Safety

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