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What’s New with ISMIE’s Risk Management Programming in 2022?

The Risk Management website and coursework are back online for ISMIE policyholders!

Take a Deep Dive Into Real-Life Scenarios that Tackle Risk Management Issues

These installments of Lessons from the Field are just one of our many offerings designed to help you keep patients safe and mitigate risk.

What Is Tail Coverage?

ISMIE offers coverage solutions for many situations that may arise during the course of a medical career. One such solution is tail coverage.

New Laws Related to Medicine Now in Effect!

Our friends at the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) have compiled some of the notable health-related bills that took effect January 1.

Federal Surprise Billing Prohibition Impacts Doctors!

Changes are now in effect at the federal level to protect patients from surprise bills for medical services.

State Courts News

ISMIE routinely monitors legal cases relevant to the practice of medicine.

Credentialing Is Easy on

If you're in need of a loss history report from your medical liability carrier for credentialing or other reasons – ISMIE makes it easy!

Illinois Supreme Court Rules Favorably for Physicians!

The Illinois Supreme Court recently reversed a ruling that would have set a harmful precedent for Illinois doctors.

Monoclonal Antibodies Show Promise in Fight Against COVID-19

ISMIE offers a wide array of COVID-19 resources to help policyholders navigate the various aspects of the pandemic.

2022 Annual Meeting and Elections

ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company will hold its next annual meeting in April 2022.

Medicare Payment Cuts Loom for January 1! Urge Congress to Act NOW

Contact your U.S. Representative today and urge them to STOP these cuts to Medicare!

Healthcare Sector Continues to Be Targeted for Cybercrime

As the frequency of cybercrime has increased, the need for coverage has become ever greater.

Do You Know When to Contact ISMIE’s Claims Department?

You already know that ISMIE should be your first call if you receive notice of a lawsuit against you. But did you know that the most effective defense against a potential lawsuit begins long before a court date has been set?

Pondering a Practice Change? ISMIE Has You Covered!

If you're contemplating a change, ISMIE's underwriters knows how best to support you.

Delays in Healthcare Linked to Delta Variant COVID-19 Cases

ISMIE offers policyholders a wide-ranging collection of resources that cover a variety of issues related to COVID-19.

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