Managing Risk, Maximizing Safety

An ISMIE report on reducing patient safety risks and exposures.

Managing Risk, Maximizing Safety WhitepaperOur risk management program combines online education with personalized, on-site risk assessments to help policyholders improve patient safety, reduce risk exposure and advance their quality of care.

According to our most recent claims data, policyholders who fully participate in the Managing Risk Partnership Program by completing our online Fellowship coursework and undergoing a risk assessment are 37% less likely to experience a claim that results in a payment, and 21% less likely to experience a claim overall. They are also more defensible when they are sued, resulting in indemnity payments that are 32% lower on average. 

In this report, we’ll take a closer look at the trends we’ve observed in the risk assessments that have been conducted over the past year. The primary purpose of the risk assessment is to partner with policyholders to help them better understand and address the areas of risk that may exist in their practices. Upon completion of the assessment, our risk management professionals give policyholders customized feedback on ways to reduce risk, and provide relevant resources from our large library of online courses and other risk management materials."

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