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Facilities seeking medical professional liability protection for physician employees.

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While employment models have changed over the years from mostly independent to a mix of independent practices and employed, the motivations of why they sought out becoming a physician in the first place remain the same today as they were decades ago. Their altruism fuels their serving patients and obsession for providing superior quality care.

ISMIE continues to be a protector of physicians, practicing the art of medicine. For more than four decades, we've protected doctors against medical liability claims. Our promise to employed physicians has never wavered and our coverage continues to provide peace of mind so that doctors can focus on providing top-quality patient care. Policies can be tailored to vest consent rights with the employer. 

Claims Results that Provide Peace of Mind Every Step of the Way.

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Seasoned claims leadership.

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Visionary insurance and healthcare insight.

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Most prolific attorney panels in the U.S. for defending medical liability claims. Policyholders may select their attorney of choice from the panel.

Patient Safety Resources That Broaden Perspectives.

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Personalized Risk Assessments

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Consultations with Specialists

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More than 100 Online CME Courses to Enhance Patient Safety

Real results that affect your bottom line. Policyholders who participate are:

Significantly less likely to experience a claim that results in a payment.
Less likely to experience a claim overall, compared with policyholders who do not participate.

Whether you're a current insured or considering our new coverage options, ISMIE stands committed to supporting physicians and their employers with the professional liability solutions that empower them in advancing the art of medicine. Start a conversation by emailing us at or by the form below.

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