Locum Tenens

Going Away for an Extended Trip? Contact ISMIE About Locum Tenens Coverage
If you're considering a planned leave from your practice, you should also consider ISMIE's locum tenens coverage. While you’re away, you’ll likely arrange for someone to take over for you during that time, and you’ll want to make sure your temporary substitute has the same top-quality protection you enjoy.
Locum Tenens Hiring: Tips from the Pro
In an ongoing ISMIE career series on locum work, board members of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO®) address important questions about locum recruitment and contracting you’ll want to know.
Living the Locum Lifestyle
After a 28-year career in a full-time practice environment and now for the past four years, Scott A. Cooper, MD, has practiced almost exclusively as a locum tenens physician in a variety of practice settings throughout Illinois.

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