Cyber Liability Coverage

ISMIE continues to improve its Cyber Liability Protection by adding new coverages to our already broad list. Some of those coverages include eCrime (Fraudulent Instruction, Funds Transfer Fraud and Telephone Fraud) as well as Criminal Reward Coverage. ISMIE works hard to protect you or your practice, so you can focus on what matters most, your patients.

Cyber Coverages Offered:

Information Security and Privacy Liability provides protection to the policyholder for any claim which arises because of violation of a privacy law, such as:

  1. Theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of personally security numbers, debit or credit card numbers, personal security numbers, debit or credit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs), driver's license number, etc.);
  2. Failure of computer security to prevent a security breach;
  3. Policyholder’s failure to disclose either 1 or 2 in violation of a breach notice law;
  4. Failure to comply with a privacy policy;
  5. Failure to administer an identity theft program.

Privacy Breach Response Services are additional services that will be provided in the event of an unauthorized disclosure or security breach, such as:

  1. A computer security expert to determine the existence and cause of any electronic data breach and/or a PCI Forensic Investigator required under the terms of a merchant services agreement to investigate the existence and extent of compromised credit card data;
  2. Payment of attorney fees to determine the applicability of any breach notice, to provide legal advice in responding to a breach, and/or to advise on credit card system operating regulation requirements;
  3. Public relations and crisis management services; and
  4. Required notification to affected individuals because of any breach notice law, as well as a credit monitoring, identity monitoring, or other solution for affected individuals at no cost.

Regulatory Defense and Penalties provides coverage for any regulatory proceeding brought against the policyholder because of an unauthorized disclosure, security breach or failure to disclose such acts in violation of a breach notice law.

First Party Network Business Interruption provides coverage for any income loss and any extra expense which is a direct result of the failure of computer systems because of a security breach.

Website Media Content Liability provides coverage for any claim which arises because of any display of any electronic information on the policyholder’s website.

PCI Fines, Expense and Costs provides protection for any services agreement (an agreement between a policyholder and cards).

Cyber Extortion provides reimbursement to the policyholder for losses that result from a threat to alter, destroy, damage, delete or release electronic data, including patient, business and personal information and software.

First Party Data Protection provides reimbursement for losses resulting from the damage to, or inability to access a data asset as a result of a computer security failure.

Practitioner Regulatory Liability provides coverage for any claim which arises from an alleged error or omission involving: billing errors, self-referrals, violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and/or the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

eCrime provides coverage for financial loss resulting from fraudulent instruction, funds transfer fraud, or telephone fraud.

Criminal Reward provides reimbursement for an authorized amount offered and paid for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of any individual(s) committing or trying to commit any illegal act related to the coverages outlined above.

Summary of Coverage  

Higher Limits for Cyber Liability Protection

Policyholders can increase their cyber liability protection with higher limits. ISMIE Mutual offers flexible pricing options for individual physicians and groups.

  • Obtaining higher cyber liability limits is simple for individual physician policyholders and group with up to 10 physician affiliates and is $850* per physician.
  • Larger groups or any policyholder desiring limits higher than $1M aggregate must complete an application to receive an indication for higher cyber limits.
  • In addition to higher cyber liability limits, you can increase your Professional Regulatory Liability limits for an additional premium charge.
  • Higher eCrime coverage limits are also available for additional premium.

*Subject to a completed application and underwriting review and approval.

Cyber Liability Higher Limits Brochure  

Note: Availability of coverages and program features are subject to state insurance statutes in your particular state(s) of practice.

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