New York Leads the Country in Number of Medical Liability Lawsuits Filed in Past Decade

November 8, 2022

A new report looks at the states where the most medical liability legal cases have been filed, along with the dollar amount of the claims closed with an indemnity payment. The numbers do not account for the expense of claims that do not result in an indemnity payment.
New York State saw the largest number of medical liability lawsuits filed among all 50 states between 2012 to 2022, according to the report. There were 15,951 lawsuits filed against physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals during that 10-year time period. New York was followed by California (12,376), Florida (11,410), Pennsylvania (8,439) and New Jersey (6,078) in top volume of medical liability lawsuits nationally. Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana and Georgia round out the top 10 states in the report.
The five states with the least number of medical liability lawsuits were North Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, South Dakota and Alaska.

The priciest lawsuits filed against medical professionals in state total payouts were found in Ohio ($853 million), Connecticut ($798 million), Arizona ($725 million), Michigan ($721 million) and Washington ($715 million).
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